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This Brand New Toy Improves Your Pet's Health & Happiness... You Won't Believe How Genius It Is


Find out why thousands of pet owners are rushing to get this intelligent new toy for their cats and dogs

If you're a pet owner, then you know just how much your dog or cat craves your love and attention. It's easy to give them that when you're at home.

But how can you make sure your pet feels loved and cared for when you're away for hours at a time?


Don't you hate the thought of them feeling alone and abandoned?

PetBall is a US-based startup that's created a solution for you to keep your pet engaged and happy all day long, even when you're not at home!

Honestly, it's quite genius...

Peppy Pet Ball: A New Type of Doggy Toy

The project started with a small group of passionate pet owners. They dreaded leaving their pets alone all day bored, lonely, and suffering from separation anxiety.

Most toys available on the market were boring for pets, or got destroyed within minutes. And none of the toys offered the same excitable, happy-go-lucky play their pets craved from being together.

So they made something different.

Peppy Pet Ball is an automated play ball that engages your pet in exciting, active play, just like you’re there with them!

But the Peppy Pet Ball is a lot more than just an automatic throw ball.

It’s a smart gadget that taps into your dog’s natural hunting instincts, and keeps them healthy, active and never bored.


How is the Peppy Pet Ball Different?

Every loving pet owner wants the best for their most valuable family member. But did you know that boredom and inactivity are some of the primary causes of destructive tendencies, depression and anxiety in pets?

Peppy Pet Ball helps alleviate all of these symptoms. It gives your pup an easy way to stay active and healthy, even when you aren’t there.

With Peppy Pet Ball you’re not getting just another toy. You get the peace of mind that your best friend is happy, engaged, and fulfilled in your absence.


Why Is the Peppy Pet Ball So Popular Among Urban Dog Owners?

  • Waterproof and Saliva Proof

    The Peppy Pet Ball is easy to clean up and won’t get damaged from your pets’ saliva or rolling through water.

  • USB-Rechargeable

    Easy charging from any device with a standard USB port.

  • Long-Lasting Battery

    Just 1-hour of charging will give your doggo 8 hours of fun (while you’re at work!).

  • Never Gets Stuck

    Built-in motion sensors will keep the Peppy Pet Ball from getting stuck in unwanted places, like between furniture.

  • 100% Automatic Action

    The Peppy Pet Ball doesn’t need any help from people. Your pet can use it alone all day.

  • Built To Last

    Made from durable and tear-resistant elastic materials that won’t rip, even with strong dog breeds.

  • Cat Friendly

    Not just for your dogs - Your cat will love chasing the Peppy Pet Ball, too!

UPDATE: June 2022 - After this article first appeared, I recived word that the company was offering a special promotion. Follow the link below, and you'll save up to 63% OFF your next order. You might want to hurry as this deal could disappear at any time!

Peppy Pet Ball Reviews

  • "Great toy. Our Maltese loves its. One year old birthday girl"

    Geary R.

  • "My two fur babies enjoy following the ball around the house instead of sitting and watching TV! The toy is everything you claimed it was and I am very pleased with the product. It seems durable and I love that I can reacharge it so conveniently. You are welcome to use my comments in your website"

    Virginia S.

  • "We received our order yesterday. The dog is enjoying her new toy immensely! We are happy we ordered 4 rather than only 1. The dog chases 2 at a time trying to keep both close. We appreciate the efforts made for the descending brush. With a shepard husky mix it will come in handy. We will likely order more products in the future. Thanks again."

    Jenevieve D.


And the Best Part? It Doesn’t Cost as Much as You Think

What is your pet’s happiness and health worth to you? If you’re like most loving pet owners, there isn’t a price tag out there that you wouldn’t pay. And chances are, you’ve already paid at least $500 over the years on cheap, junky toys that get torn up after the first use.

Well, I’ve got good news for you.

Peppy Pet Ball only costs $ 43.00. That’s already an amazing deal, right?

We thought so, too. Which is why we were floored to hear that the company is offering a one-time only deep discount of 50% OFF just for our readers! Now you can get the Peppy Pet Ball for only $ 43.00.

That’s an incredibly small price to pay to have your best friend feeling happy, healthy, and loved all day long.


Final Thoughts: Is It Worth It?

You could wait, but the product is already catching on like crazy. Big social media channels are posting reviews and stock is quickly running out.

This is the perfect moment to get your pet the perfect companion. While stock will most definitely get replenished, the Peppy Pet Ball will likely never get discounted this deep again.

Where to Buy?

Please make sure you buy the Peppy Pet Ball directly from the company. This is the only way to guarantee that you are getting the real high-tech product and not some cheap knock off. We have already seen stories of people getting a regular tennis ball for the same price.